$ 3,550.00

Urubu - experienced pilot

The Urubu is the most performant wing in the LittleCloud range. 

The Urubu is a small vulture which flies in Brazil, and more generally in South America. You’ll find them playing around on the beach soaring but also inland thermaling.

They are very friendly and very often come to fly with you.

 As a base we kept the Gracchio plan form (57 cells), but reworked its shape, increased its aspect ratio to 6.15, and used a new airfoil (Air intakes thinner and more on the back).

The construction remains extremely simple and without gimmicks…

The design was pushed far to control all dimensions of the wing’s fabric tension.

The weight stays very light, only 3.8kg for the 24, which makes it a great wing for Hike and Fly.

The glider keeps the compact feeling of the Gracchio, but has incredible damping abilities for this class of wing, while still having a very high thermal sniffing capacity. Brazilian strong wind take off have always been a piece of cake! Stunning!

The span increase doesn’t affect the Urubu’s handling, it remains very direct and precise, offering a very tight turn possibility thanks to the work done on the arch. 

The Urubu is made for flying safely and with peace of mind. XC, soaring, Hike and Fly, the Urubu is a very funny wing to fly.

It’s very difficult to upset the wing, thanks to its huge brake travel, very heavy stall point, and very damped reactions (pitch stable as usual at LC).

We’ve been testing it in very difficult conditions this 2019 summer at the office, and it always gives this incredible feeling of serenity. The winter tests in Brazil just confirmed this feeling.

The Urubu’s feedback is always crystal clear and gives you a real idea of the air conditions.

The glider can be used all along its weight range, without considering the handling or speed but more the conditions the pilot will use it.

For flatland, the pilot should be in the low part of the weight range to optimize the float and the climb, with no inflexion of the handling.

A pilot flying strong conditions will use the middle/top part of the weight range. 

The Urubu is dedicated to EN C pilot who’s capable of making decisions and cope with their consequences. 

Thanks to its great handling, the Urubu is a great machine for soaring, fast, sharp… in one word: FUN! 

Tom’s word: “In my eyes, this is the most accomplished glider I’ve ever designed, and the most versatile! I flew at least 200h with it and I’m always astonished at each flight about its compromise between safety/performance/serenity!”