Turtle - Hike and Fly Reversible Harness

$ 1,100.00

Turtle, the new reversible airbag harness from LittleCloud. We’ve used the innovative buckleless system to get strapped in. A front mount container is integrated on the waist belt, the reserve risers are directly attached on to it. This system allows to get strapped in within 2 steps only, reserve activation included, and reduces the risk of an unstrapped take off to almost zero. The reserve container is closed by a 6 pins system, with a shorter time range of activation. This system reduces the risk of un-intended attempted reserve release With a weight of 2.4kg, all included, no sacrifices have been made done on durability and comfort. Its shape offers a very neutral roll control behavior, the Turtle responds very precisely to the pilots input, not more not less. It is fully adjustable in flight.