Pelican - Foil Kites

$ 1,600.00

The Pelican is a closed cells (which can be disable)  foil kite dedicated to kiters with a bit of experience.  Great upwind capacity, very responsive handling, great wind range with a very low wind usability on a foilboard, The Pelican is a kite you can use for a very large play range on the water and on the snow.
3 sizes (7/10/13) are enough to cover most of the kiting conditions and keep your quiver simple and efficient!
Foils are behaving differently than tubekites. The soft structure, the little more complex bridle  require different techniques to deal with. These techniques are very easy to learn and will not make your kiting experience more complicated.
One of the main techniques is the relaunching on water. In the last 17 years of kiting and thousands of sessions, I can count on my 10 fingers how many time I had to swim back to the shore…

most of the time a prototype structure failure or wrong trimming were the causes of these “kite’n’swim” cases… . We will provide some instructive videos in the future to share our experiences and methods of getting it right. Oh and by the way: foilkites full of water are not drowning like the legend is saying: Nylon fabric float on water so even if the kite is 100% filled up with water, it will still float…;-)!