The Grasshopper- Pod Harness

$ 1,650.00

GrassHopper, the new pod harness from LittleCloud. We’ve created a buckleless system to get easily strapped in, front mount container is integrated on the waist belt, and the reserve risers are directly attached to it. This system allows to get strapped in with only 2 steps, reserve activation included, and almost zero risk that the pilot could take-off unstrapped. The reserve container is closed by a 6 pin system, with a short-range of activation. This system reduces the risk of unintended reserve release. 

With a weight of 3.3kg for the L size, no compromise has been made with regarding to durability. The seat is very easy to use thanks to its seating position.
It offers very good support along the chest, hip and legs, as well as a great stability (Anti Balance System adjustable). This gives perfect control on takeoff and landing (chest straps, shoulder straps, pod feet rest position and ABS sensitivity).