$ 2,885.00

 Kagoo2 - Ultralight - Hike & Fly

A pure fun hike and fly wing, and more! 

Despite the great performance, the Kagoo2 remains pitch stable, a key in safety and ease of use.
It’s designed as a pure Miniwing: with great speed range, incredibly precise handling, and very good glide ratio, even when flying in a headwind.

Although you have to be an experienced pilot to fly the Kagoo2, as with any highly loaded wing, the Kagoo2 offers a high level of passive safety.

Some characteristics are as follows:

  • New airfoil with setback narrow vents to increase the venturi effect during inflation. The result is a fast, constant rise with no over-shooting and over powering behavior. It also helps reducing drag, increasing the headwing capacity.
  • 34 cells, including our latest knowledge on skin tension.  This offers a very precise handling and compact feeling.
  • 3 rows per side line setup to get perfect rise on no wind take off.
  • Unsheathed lines from top to bottom, increasing the speed of the glider.
  • 12mm Kevlar webbing with speedbar system: the extra grams are compensating with a great ease of use, unlike dyneema risers.
  • 27gr top and bottom and a mix of 27/32gr for the structure: for optimized weight and packing.
  • Short nylon rods
  • Light and compact backpack