Gracchio Mk2

$ 3,140.00

Gracchio Mk2 - intermediate pilot

The Gracchio Mk2 is a glider which makes you feel comfortable right away!
Its accessibility is larger than its predecessor.

With or without wind, inflation and rise are easy and loft less.
Its’ handling is very predictive and intuitive, and delivers a lot of fun.
The handling is extraordinary: extremely precise, allowing to core small thermals.

For such a low AR, it has great glide and great upwind penetration.
Like always at LittleCloud, we pay particular attention to the passive safety: the performance gains come with exceptional safety.
The long brake travel gets very heavy before the stall point (65cm for the 19/21 up to 80cm on the 27!).

We are convinced that these parameters combined with the pitch stable behavior are the key to a very safe wing.
– LC inflation: 100% control of the rise, the wing strictly follows the pilot’s decision!
–  Bitey in the thermal
– Sharp, precise, and super fun handling.
– Comfortable and soft communication.
– Very high level of passive safety: Huge brake range, extremely pitch stable (the glider doesn’t shoot forward).
– Very fun!  A real LittleCloud glider!

We have added two more sizes: 22 and 24 to ensure everyone has the perfect size!