$ 2,999.00


We are proud after 2 years of intensive work to introduce the LittleCloud Gracchio.
A new name for a new glider. Gracchio is the Italian name for the Alpine Chough, a bird we see everywhere in the mountains and who like to fly for fun!
This glider follows the LittleCloud identity with a moderate aspect ratio, a very pitch stable behavior, and  extremely fun to fly!

A lot of different ways have been tried during this development.
In the end simplicity wins with only 57 cells, a very simple inside structure, and a  moderate aspect ratio of 5.6.
The Glider uses a brand new airfoil with smaller air intake. The particularity of this airfoil is its efficiency and extreme comfort during long flights.
The Gracchio is produced with semi light materials, which are more durable but keep an overall weight very low thanks to its design simplicity.

The Gracchio is a glider which makes you feel comfortable right away!
Its’ handling is very predictive and intuitive. You can read the air very clearly without being over flooded with information.
It’s very comfortable and reinsuring for long flights.
The Glider is more accessible than the Goose MK3, but has a better glide along all the speed range.
We pay a particular attention to the passive safety, the performance gain hasn’t been achieved on the back of safetiness.
Thanks to the very refined skin tensions, the glider talks to the pilot so he can prevent from collapses.
Its’ long brake travel is getting very heavy before the stall.
We are convinced that these parameters combined with the pitch stable behavior are the key to a very safe wing.

The Gracchio is aimed for autonomous  pilots looking for a glider which will not limit their desire of flying XC,  soaring, or hike and fly.
Be aware that this kind of wing, because of its performances, is not designed to compensate the lack of skill or experience of the pilots, even though its potential allow it to fly longer and further!