Testing the Goose XL April 05 2014

We have been testing the Goose in all flying conditions during the last few months. This glider continues to empress and open new flying options. The thermal capabilities are very impressive as it has no problem coring up and gliding big distances. Just recently we flew 25 mph+, soaring with easy, inflation, kiting and handling in high winds are a breeze. This glider is truly an amazing machine and very capable of handling a very large window of flying conditions. If you have not given the Goose a test flight we highly recommend you do so!

New LC light weight Pod harness is AVAILABLE! January 27 2014

LC is proud to release its new pod harness.
Once more, LC innovates with a buckle less system to get strapped in.
A front mount container is integrated on the waist belt, the reserve risers are directly attached on it.

Only 6.5lbs for the Large and around 6lbs for the medium. Get your orders in soon as a limited number available!

New SP EZ coming Soon! January 15 2014

We are proud to announce the new SP EZ, and will be available next month.


The retail price will be $2550 Spirulina EZ New for 2014, the EZ is sized at 24 m2  and a aspect ratio of 4.3. 

The glider combines the ease of use of a mini-wing and the damping of a larger area.

The glider still feels direct but less aggressive in the roll, still pitchless.
This size increase filter a bit more the air mass, but brakes are still giving good information to the pilot.

The EZ is dedicated to pilot looking for an easy wing with a big fun factor.
Schools will love its simplicity and efficiency in way of teaching.
Like a Spirulina, pilot imagination will be the only limit to its versatility.
The glider weight 4.2 kg despite the use of robust material.

The SP - EZ maintains great performance with a 8.5/1 glide ratio, and trim speed of 39 - 40 km/h for a 85 / 90kg pilot.
Risers are equipped with a speed bar, no. trimmers.
The SP - EZ is expected to be certified at the in A or Low end B class AUW planned: 75 / 105kg The wing has 36 cells, some nylon rods on the leading edge, and a cross section which optimizes the inside pressure without affecting the inflation.
Line use is 190 m, thanks to the short bridle, using a combination of dyneema and Kevlar sheath.


Feel free to contact us for pre-orders and any questions you may have.

Special Thanks and photo creds December 27 2013

by Brent Shober

This website wouldn't have been possible without all the help we got from our friends. We are lucky to know some amazing photographers and skilled pilots who let us use their photos, and have other friends to help with the website.

A special thanks to Sergei Gridnev and Dave Metzgar whose photos made the front page! And to our other friends whose photos are/will be featured on other pages: Brent Shober, Adam Olsen, Ryan Bloum, Adam Fischbach, Kim Phinney, Jake Royall, and Matt Easterly.

And the biggest thanks of all to Thomas Bourdeau for allowing us full access to his Little Cloud website, including text and photos. Also to Kevin Morton and Jordan Sandoval of KJ Productions, who gave me all the help I needed to set up the website.

You guys are the best!



Brianna Kufa and Jeremy Bishop